Creative Writing for Beginners

About the Course

The aim of Creative Writing for Beginners is to generate ideas and get you writing! We’ll focus on a different aspect of the creative writing process every week, such as character, plot, place, point of view and style, and you’ll do writing exercises in class and at home. There’s ample opportunity for reflection and discussion. By the end of the ten-week course, you’ll have produced a short story or section from a novel, which you’ll receive feedback on.

Example Course Outline: Creative Writing for Beginners

Week 1    Generating Ideas: Automatic Writing – Developing a Writing Routine

Week 2Generating Ideas:  Using the Senses – Showing and Telling – Journals

Week 3    Character: Creating Characters from Questionnaires – Introducing a Character

Week 4    Character: Developing Characters and Situations from Real Life

Week 5    Plot and Structure: Writing from Experience – The Iceberg Principle

Week 6    Plot and Structure:  The Five Stages of Narrative Arc – Group Writing

Week 7Point of View – Individual Feedback and Advice

Week 8Place – Individual Feedback and Advice

Week 9Language and Style – Individual Feedback and Advice

Week 10Style, Revising and Editing – Carrying on and Getting Published – Individual Feedback and Advice

**INDIVIDUAL COURSE (online or in person)**

Format: one-hour Skype/face-to-face class each week for ten weeks, plus writing and reading activities to do in your own time.

You’ll be emailed a dossier of short stories, writing exercises and useful handouts at the start of the course. The first half of the course explores different ways of generating ideas while focusing on the two essential elements of fiction: character and plot. During the weekly Skype call/class, there’ll be plenty of opportunity for discussion with Priscilla as well as idea generation exercises and interactive writing activities. You’ll do writing exercises and analyse short stories in your own time. You’ll start to develop one of your ideas into a story.

The second half of the course continues to examine a further aspect of the craft each week. You will submit a section of the story you are working on to Priscilla each week for detailed advice and feedback. There will be a focus on redrafting and editing and you will develop an awareness of what works and what needs work in your writing.

Each course will be tailored to the individual writer’s needs, especially in the latter part of the course. For instance, we might engage with a particular genre (e.g. crime, literary, sci-fi, young adult, fantasy, memoir) or we might focus on a particular area that the writer finds tricky (e.g. writing convincing dialogue, plot).


Format: two-hour face-to-face class each week for ten weeks, plus writing and reading activities to do at home.

The course can also be taught very successfully to small groups of friends or colleagues in a classroom, public space or someone’s home.


If you’ve already completed a beginner’s course, you might be interested in Creative Writing for Improvers, which can also be delivered on-line or to small groups face-to-face. Please see here for more details.

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