Creative Writing for Improvers

This course is for those with some creative writing experience who would like to explore the craft in more depth. It’s ideal for those who have already taken a beginners’ course and are looking for the next step.

Example Course Outline: Creative Writing for Improvers

Week 1 Character – Free Writing and Character Development

Week 2 Character – Q&A Gimmick to Invent a Character and Write a Story

Week 3 Showing and Telling – Underwriting and Overwriting – Workshops

Week 4 Voice –- Ranting in Dialect – Workshops

Week 5 Plotting and Shaping – Develop a Plot from Place and Character – Workshops

Week 6 Structure and Tension – Phobias: Writing a Horror Story – Workshops

Week 7 Point of View – Second Person – Workshops

Week 8 Point of View – Third Person Limited and Place – Workshops

Week 9 Point of View – Playing God: Omniscient Narration – Workshops

Week 10 End-of-Course Discussion – Workshops

NB The content changes each time the course is run depending on the group’s’ needs. If you are interested in an Improvers’ course, please do email me to let me know what aspects of the craft you want to focus on (e.g. plot, dialogue, first person narration) and what genre you’re working in.

About the course

**Small Group Course**

Format: two-hour face-to-face class each week for ten weeks, plus writing and reading activities to do at home.

The Improvers’ course is more fluid than the Beginners’ course as I write a fresh course each time in response to the needs of the group. At the start of the course, you’ll be given a dossier of novel extracts, short stories, writing exercises and handouts. Each week we’ll look at one aspect of writing prose fiction such as character, dialogue, voice, plot, plotting, metaphor and genre. There will be writing exercises and we’ll discuss writerly techniques through the analysis of short stories and novel excerpts. You’ll continue to work on your own writing at home, whether that’s engaging with the first draft of a novel or embarking on your next short story.

You’ll have the opportunity to ‘workshop’ your writing once or twice over the ten weeks, depending on class size. Showing your work to others in order to receive constructive written and oral feedback can be daunting, but is often where the most learning about what makes good fiction is done. See the testimonials to see what past students have got out of the course.

**Individual Course (online or in person)**

Format: one-hour Skype/face-to-face class each week for ten weeks, plus writing and reading activities in your own time.

Please drop me a line on to enquire about any of my courses or to discuss your writing needs.

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