Mentoring, Editing and Proofreading


This can take several forms depending on what you’d like help with.

For instance, I can read a short story, novel or section from a novel and provide a detailed written critique which will identify the strengths of the writing and the issues which require work, taking plot, structure, character, dialogue, pace, language and point of view into consideration, amongst other things. I’ll make suggestions of how to improve the writing. At the same time, I can provide a line-by-line edit and proofread.

While the critique and edit can be done via email, writers often find it helpful to follow up with an hour’s Zoom session or face-to-face meeting to discuss their work and feedback in detail.

I can provide one-off consultations or can mentor a writer more regularly depending on your needs.


If interested in longer manuscript assessment (a detailed constructive critique of a novel, part of a novel or a collection of shorts stories, which identifies strengths and problem areas to address) and/or having your draft line-edited, copy-edited and/or proofread, I’ll be very happy to hear from you.

Get in touch today to enquire about a FREE initial Zoom consultation.

Please contact me using the form below to find out more about the above services and my fees. Let me know your writing experience and what you would like help with. In most cases, I will offer a FREE initial Zoom consultation to say hello, discuss your writing needs and outline a plan of action before any commitment is needed. I look forward to hearing from you!

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